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Our Vision

ROASTING // Our Vision

We roast our beans in house — an essential step where something raw and green (literally) is polished and worked into something refined.

Roasting happens on site at Pomona Coffee so that we can ensure the achievement of perfect temperature and duration profiles. Our mission is to satisfy those who seek full bodied coffee without the distracting taste of high acidity.

We believe in a lifestyle of authenticity. The coffee community is unique in how each individual has their own preferred taste, but the act of coffee drinking is often a form of connecting. Consuming coffee at the break of day or during mid-day breathers can help relax the mind, refresh our thoughts and in turn, enable us to formulate better future actions.

Hence, we strive to serve the best coffee that abides by five golden rules.
1) It must be clean with no unpalatable taste.

2) It must contain no preservatives.

3) It must be without undesirable intensity.

4) It must consist of a true, identifiable flavour.

5) It must be brewed with well-being in mind, so that it not fuels your mind, but also provide health benefits for your body.