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Our History

PLANTING // Our History

Ten years ago, a seed stemmed from a deep love for coffee was planted.

This seed was prudently sown by our founder Virginia Chen. For the past decade, she has honed her ties with coffee to cultivate her roasting and brewing skills.

Her journey dates back to her university days, when Virginia studied Spanish at the University of Madrid. There, she took her first sip of coffee at a small neighbourhood cafe. Its taste was rich — strangely bitter, yet astoundingly aromatic. Its uniqueness piqued her curiosity, eventually leading her to pursue a path where she can share the drink she fell in love with many others.

To this day, Virginia is still brewing the dream she first had in Europe. Her experiences are deeply steeped in her cafe. Pomona Coffee is a venture that is highly inspired by European art and culture, and Virginia never stopped her strive for the highest quality in coffee making.