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Our Quality

HARVESTING // Our Quality

Just as fruits require time and patience to nurture and grow, every step we take at Pomona is vital to bringing you the best quality coffee.

Our decade of knowledge in coffee making granted us an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Our main dedication is specialty coffee — or in technical terms, coffee with a cup score of 80+ points awarded by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Jargons aside, specialty refers to the distinct process of coffee making from farmer to cup. What we love about this category is that specialty coffee is never the work of only one person.

Specialty can only occur when all of the professionals in the ecosystem collaborate wholeheartedly. Be they farmers, roasters or cafe owners, it is a collective journey taken by passionate individuals. Hence, we only work with like-minded green bean suppliers, carefully narrowing down our selections with specific requirements. Our relationship with our partners are built upon years of business experience. We are stringent with picking out efects, and we utilize our knowledge of harvest times to seek optimal freshness.