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Richmond’s most celebrated café, Pomona, was developed out of a passion to bring high quality coffee, espresso, and artisanal drinks to meet the discerning tastes of caffeine connoisseurs in Richmond, British Columbia. Recent research reports that up to 70% of today’s population enjoys at least one cup of coffee on a daily basis, yet many of them have never experienced a brew that not only tastes great but carries health benefits too.

For many people, the enjoyment of coffee is akin to a sacred ritual. Far more than just a drink, it is an experience, and for those who love to craft their own beverages at home, it is an art form.

From quality farmers to in-house roasting to freshly brewed coffee, Pomona Coffee is a tranquil garden for all true coffee lovers.

Great tasting coffee is simple to achieve. It begins with the very freshest of beans. But coffee beans that meet the highest freshness standards are only a start when it comes to creating a memorable caffeinated beverage. The type of bean also plays a critical role. To produce a quality coffee or espresso-based drink, the correct type of bean coupled with the proper roasting process is key.

Pomona elevates the coffee-drinking experience by sourcing the highest quality beans from around the world then roasting them in-house to provide our customers with the ultimate in caffeinated luxury. Whether you’re looking for your next great brew or simply a relaxing space to unwind, you will find what you are seeking in the quiet elegance of Pomona’s Richmond location. Stop by to visit us today!

We roast our beans in house

We believe in a lifestyle of authenticity. The coffee community is unique in how each individual has their own preferred taste, but the act of coffee drinking is often a form of connecting. Consuming coffee at the break of day or during mid-day breathers can help relax the mind, refresh our thoughts and in turn, enable us to formulate better future actions.


For the coffee connoisseur with a passion to learn more about the humble bean and its origins as a simple plant carefully cultivated in a humid sub-tropical climate to a magical brewed elixir, Pomona offers our in-house Coffee Class.


Pomona has all the ingredients of a refreshing day away from the office: natural light, various seating options, and the invigorating aroma of freshly roasted beans. We went all out to make its headquarters a welcoming workspace for individuals and groups, replete with reclaimed furnishings that look like the successful execution of your business!

One of the best coffee tea houses. In Richmond no less. Real gem of a find. Cosy. Quiet. Gentle music in the background. Auspicious ambiance. Impeccable table service.


Food was fantastic, Drinks were fantastic, Servers were kind and friendly, and thus: service was fantastic, Food came fast and was aesthetic along with the rest of the store. It's a crime against humanity for you NOT to go here, seriously. It's even better with friends or your better half. ?


I walked by this coffee shop while I was craving for coffee. Good timing! The staff of the shop was very friendly and helpful. I am a coffee nut so I asked more questions about their coffee. Apparently they roast their own beans in the shop (they have a little roasting machine). I saw a couple staffs training a new girl before I placed my order. After I ordered, the new girl switched to make my coffee but one of her trainer was looking over her shoulder. So, it seems like they care about the quality of their coffee. The cup of coffee I got was pretty good. Definitely better than a cup of Starbucks coffee but I would say a bit of improvement is needed compare to other 3rd-wave independent coffee shop. The temperature was too high. But, overall it was very good. I don't know of many coffee shop in Richmond, BC. So, I would think this is probably one of the best in the area.


Great old fashioned coffee shop where you can sit down and order. But many of these left nowadays. Coffee and dessert selection is top notch. Award-winning coffee shop. Must try!


Cute little cafe with great cheesecake. Put the detailed, cute, French ambiance aside. Put aside the nice varieties of coffee and tea. The cheesecake here keeps us coming back time and time again. Make way, Trees Organic! There's a new kid on the block. Three cheers for Cafe Savoureux!