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Our Branding

GRINDING // Our Branding

After years of coffee making, we continue to grind and polish our brand to bring you the best experience.

Our original coffee company — Cafe Savoureux — was established in 2013. To compliment the continual flow of changes in our communities, we rebranded as Pomona Coffee in 2019. Named after the Roman mythical goddess of fruitful abundance, Pomona Coffee is the preservation and extension of our growing garden.

Pomona Coffee’s logo design is derived from a sketch by founder Virginia’s son. He drew his mother’s likeness in his own imagination, and sketched a woman surrounded by her biggest passion: coffee. The idea of “fruition” is represented by the stem of coffee cherries that entwines the portrait.

Finally, dating back to the Spanish roots where Virginia’s coffee journey first began — the goddess monogram is framed by an arch shape. Arches are a prominent feature of Spanish architecture, and we wanted to pay homage to our founder’s roots.